Hair Color Lightening System

Naturlite Non-Bleach Ligtening

• Ammonia, dust, and bleach free
• Lifts hair up to 7 levels without any damage
• Certified organic ingredients
• Preserves the hair’s natural moisturizers
• Easy to mix and dust free
• Optimized pH level to maximize lightening and eliminate damage
• Contains active wheat proteins to soothe and nourish
• Preserves the hair’s natural proteins and structural integrity

Natural Hair Lightener
Naturlite Lightening Systems is gentle enough for on-scalp lightening applications while effective enough to lift hair up to 7 levels.

Two great lightening systems to ensure precision hair color results

Naturlite ammonia and bleach free lightening systems comes in two highly-effective formulas. Naturlite White is ideal for those lightening challenges when you may need a little extra lift while Naturlite Blue include a violet pigment formulated into the powder that is ideal for counteracting the yellow effect that sometimes results from lightening.

Natural Hair Lightener
Naturlite Cream Activators contain a conditioning agent and are designed to be used with Naturlite Lightening Systems, which works at a higher pH. Cream Activators also work better with resistant grey hair.

Naturlite activators contain only pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide, purified and demineralized water, and certified organic plant extracts, amino acids, anti-oxidants.

Naturlite activators are recognized as among the purest and most effective hair color developers around the world.


Mixing Instructions for On-Scalp Lightening

Measure 2 scoops of Naturlite with 2 scoops of Naturlite Cream Activator 9% or 12%. Blend to a smooth paste, add 1 scoop of Naturlite Oil and mix thoroughly.


Cream Activator Shades of Lift
9% 2 to 3 Shades of Lift
12% 3 to 4 Shades of Lift

Remove the lightener formula by adding water and gently massaging. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Apply Organic Care Systems Shampoo, lather and rinse, towel blot and spray Organic Care Systems Soothe Plus Treatment onto the scalp. Then apply Organic Care Systems Conditioner, ensuring that you leave on for 5 minutes. This will close the cuticle and return the hair to the hair’s isometric ideal pH level of 5.


Mixing Instructions for Off-Scalp Lightening

Using the scoop provided, measure one scoop of Naturlite, then mix in 2 scoops of the Naturlite Cream Activator and blend to a smooth paste.


Cream Activator Shades of Lift
3% 1 Shade of Lift
6% 2 Shades of Lift
9% 3 Shades of Lift
12% 4 to 7 Shades of Lift

• You may need 2 applications to achieve 7 levels of lift. Do not shampoo between applications, just rinse thoroughly and reapply.

After removing the lightening formula by rinsing until the water runs clear, apply Organic Care Systems shampoo, a Soothe Plus Treatment to calm the scalp, followed by an Organic Care Systems Conditioner that is left in for 2 – 3 minutes thereby ensuring that the hair returns back to its natural level 5 pH.