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A Professional Hairdresser needs performance based products that allow them to deal with any creative vision or challenge that they may encounter or wish to achieve in their daily salon work.

A Professional Hairdresser should also be able to achieve and create outstanding results on any client who sits in front of them, using products that do not degrade the environment one works in, does not adversely effect the health of the people who work with the products nor have a negative effect on the client’s hair. After all, don’t we work in the Health and Beauty Industry?

The Organic Systems range of products have been designed to give Hairdressers a complete set of tools/products that allow them to deal with ANY challenge that they may be presented with.  Treatments in the Organic Care range offer outstanding results when you need to correct damaged hair from previous abuse, whether chemical or environmental.

Making the canvas you are about to work on ready to receive your creative input is fundamental to success!

Being able to achieve this with a naturally based product line is revolutionary!

Organic Color Systems

Organic Color Systems

Organic Color Systems gives hairdressers the opportunity to be able to achieve remarkable color results without Ammonia and the attendant degradation of the hair that comes from Ammonia.  Not to mention the health benefits to Hairdressers!

Organic Curl Systems

Organic Curl Systems

Organic Curl Systems gives Hairdressers the ability to add movement into clients Hair without Ammonia or Thioglycolates and enter a new world of condition and flexibility not previously thought possible.

Organic Care Systems

Organic Care Systems

Following our belief that the hairs delicate inner structure should be protected and maintained. This range of effective hair care products has not only been designed to repair, soften and maintain hair, but to work as the perfect partner to Organic Color and Organic Curl Systems.

Organic Control Systems

Organic Control Systems

Organic Control Systems styling range will give you and your clients plastic free styling products that raises the bar when it comes to flexibility in a styling range. Fresh plant based hold, without the attendant problems associated with plastics in Hair.

Find out about trying the full Organic Color Systems line in your salon risk-FREE for 30 Days!

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We use the word System for a reason – It is a system starting from the basics of doing great hair and keeping it that way, to being able to solve pretty much any Hair or Scalp problem that may present itself for your professional help.  Using Organic Salon Systems to assist in your needs, you will have the products at your fingertips to produce real results.

Clients are more educated and aware than ever before of the effects of chemicals on their bodies and in their environment.  They are seeking out more naturally based products that are healthier alternatives.  Combine this with performance and results and you WILL become sought after by aware clients who will sing your praises to the world around them!

Why would I Switch or Choose Organic Color Systems?

The original objective from the company that researched and developed Organic Color Systems was to come up with a hair color formula that was as natural as possible while still being effective. The need to produce professional results, while maintaining the integrity of the hair, as well as the safety of the hairdresser and the client was paramount.  Thus, Ammonia Hydroxide had to be removed. Over five years and numerous dollars were invested to achieve that objective.  Organic Color Systems has been used by European Hairdressers for more than fifteen years and is now used in over thirty countries around the world.  Organic Color Systems was released in the USA in 2003 by Organic Salon Systems.

Why go to that much trouble to get  Ammonia out of the formula?

The simple answer is this – Ammonia is corrosive to the hair and toxic to the environment.  Ammonia has a negative effect on the bronchial system. Recent research has found that about 50% to 60% of clients suffer negative effects from ammonia based colors. Each complaint is individual and varies from slight to severe. Some of these include headaches, foggy feeling and nausea.

What does this mean for the client?

Clients no longer have to suffer scalp stinging, itching, burning or staining.  Your salon environment creates a much more pleasurable experience without these negative sensations.  The hair looks and feels much more like natural hair.  The colors have a greatly reduced fade factor. This means the client is able to enjoy the color tone for a greater length of time, which equates to much better value and enjoyment of their color.  For the clients that enjoy changing their look more often, the opportunity to do this is increased.  Since the cuticle is basically returned to its original position, the hair has better shine and looks more natural.  There are no unpleasant chemical smells while the service is being performed.

What does this mean for YOU the Hairdresser?

Organic Color Systems allows hairdressers to color their clients hair without the corrosive effects of ammonia and subsequently leave the fabric that hairdressers work with in superior condition.  This has numerous benefits. There is no banding.  No hot roots.  You can create change with much greater confidence in both the result and integrity of the hair. The type of changes you can create  become greater.  Organic Color Systems is easy to use. One range can be used to create permanent, demi and semi results.  Without Ammonia you can color hair in ways not previously thought possible. One example of this is Organic Color Systems allows you to put brown straight over blonde hair without the need to use a red filler.

What does it mean for your Business?

Anything that separates your salon and the work you do out from the crowd is obviously good from a business perspective. Organic Color Systems will definitely do this!  We have found that most salons that use Organic Color Systems have had a substantial increase in color business simply by getting the word out into their community.  We have reports varying from 30% to 100% increases in salon’s color business.