Organic Salon Locations

Organic Salon LocatorOrganic Color Systems is used by thousands of specialty salons throughout North America that our dedicated to the health, well being, and beauty of their clients. Our unique “Salon Liaison” program will get you an appointment at the most convenient and superbly qualified salon near you.

Simply call 1 (888) 213-4744 now and ask for an Organic Salon in your area. You will be asked for your zip code and we will instantly provide you with the name, address, and telephone number of the nearest Organic Salon.

Prefer to work through email?  No problem!

We understand that some people prefer the convenience of working through email rather than calling on the phone.  If you’re interested in being introduced to your nearest Organic Salon through email, please simply enter your name, email address, phone number, and zip code in the form below and we will get back to you within one business day with an introduction to your nearest salon.

Please include your zip code and any special request or instructions in the comment box below. Our Salon Liaison Organic Salon Locator Specialist will return your email shortly with qualified Organic Salons near you.




Why do we provide a Liaison service?

Organic Salon LocatorProviding healthier, more natural, organic alternatives to salon treatments is not just our business; it is our cause and passion. It is extremely important to us that consumers who desire a safer and healthier lifestyle are able to obtain it. Because so many professional salon products and treatments contain harsh, dangerous, and toxic chemicals; it is difficult for an organic minded individual, or even a vegan, to fulfill their person goals to health and well-being while still looking beautiful. Recognizing that a person’s beauty has an impact on their overall personal self image, we feel that one of the best ways to encourage overall health is to make sure we are doing the most we can to help those people interested in making positive lifestyle changes.

Organic Salon Systems is committed to providing healthier, safer alternatives to beauty. Our products are free of ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, sodium sulfates, and is vegan friendly with absolutely no animal product or animal testing.  But the best part about our products is the high level of performance they achieve proving that embracing the benefits of organic living does not mean making sacrifices in beauty, quality, or performance!  Call our Organic Salon Liaison now and we will be happy to instantly introduce you to one of our organic salons in your area.