Hydrogen Peroxide Safety For Hair Use

Hydrogen Peroxide Safety and Hair

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), has one more oxygen atom than water (H2O), and is actually naturally occurring in our bodies due to bodily oxidation processes.

Is Hydrogren Peroxide safe for lightening hair?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a nontoxic chemical, that is commonly used in hair lightening products. Is it safe for hair application; however, it is NOT recommended that someone use Hydrogen Peroxide for at-home use (for hair) – buy products that have a balanced hair lightening formula, and have the optimal concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide in their product.

In fact, Organic Color Systems’ ammonia-free color line, has a bleach-free lightening system that maximizes the use of gentle, pharmaceutical-grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Without the harsh ammonia present in our lightening systems, we are able to gently lift hair color, while ensuring the cuticle can properly close after the service.