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Handling hair that is breaking down from bleach or chemical color

Treat chemically damaged hairWe always recommend that our clients use Organic Color Systems color or Naturlite Lightening Powder when treating their client’s hair.  However, we understand that our suggestions are not always followed and some of our salon clients may use other treatments.  Bleaching or harsh chemical treatments work by penetrating the cuticle and breaking down the melanin and can cause the hair to become porous, dry, brittle, and degrade or break down during treatment.  This can cause a salon disaster with your client’s hair but not all hope is lost.

If the hair is breaking down with these chemicals, do not rinse them off. Organic Color Systems Revamp is your solution. Revamp Treatment may be used with these products still on the hair. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Spray or pour Revamp Treatment directly over them, wait until the hair starts to feel hard, then you can rinse off.
  • Shampoo with Power Build Shampoo twice.
  • Apply Power Build Reconstructor and leave in for  for 15 minutes under heat followed by Power Build Conditioner left on for 10 minutes.

Going through this process may prolong the overall treatment process but will certainly help you avoid a disaster caused by other chemical colors or bleach.