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Great Hair Colorists Care For Sensitive Scalps

hair color scalp irritationGood Hair Colorists are able to produce consistent, beautiful, healthy results. Great Hair Colorists are able to do that in a creative and holistic way that matches a person’s look and defines a powerful image for them. The best Hair Colorist are able to do all of these things while making the treatment a great experience for the client. For the majority of clients that experience some scalp irritations during salon services, creating the salon visit into a rich and enjoyable experience is what sets the best Hair Colorist apart.

Among its’ many benefits, Soothe Plus has been proved beneficial for use after hair coloring, lightening, and perming. This is because these salon services require the use of peroxide. If you take the water we drink (H2O) and add an additional oxygen molecule, you will have Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), a powerful oxidizing agent. As hairstylist, we couldn’t do our jobs successfully without it. This added oxygen, allows us to color and lighten hair permanently, and neutralize our perms.

The Soothe Plus Range

hair color irritates my hairAlthough oxidation is reaction that is needed for these services to be possible, when we are finished using the natural powers of peroxide, it is important to stop this process. If this is not properly accomplished and oxidizers are left in the hair after a salon service; every time your client is in direct sunlight or surrounded by UV rays, the hair will continue to oxidize and cause premature hair color fade.

Another side effect of improper removal of these oxidizers is scalp irritation. If you have ever poured peroxide on a cut or gargled with it, you have almost certainly experienced a slight irritation or noticed it bubbling up. Depending on your clients’ sensitivity level, they might too experience this feeling on their scalp.

The Soothe Plus range is formulated with the latest botanical and certified organic ingredients and represents the ultimate in natural hair care technology. The unique formulations of the three products reduce scalp irritation and protects against residual peroxide.

Key Ingredients

  • Fennel Seed Extract – Anti-Oxidant; Protects Against Residue Peroxide and Free Oxygen Molecules
  • White Willow Bark Extract – Anti-Inflammatory and Antiseptic Properties
  • Sea Mayweed – Anti-Oxidant; Anti-Inflammatory and Soothing Benefits
  • Aloe Vera Leaf – Anti-Inflammatory; Soothing and Healing Properties
  • Comfrey Root – Soothing and Moisturizing Properties
  • Chamomile Flower Extract – Soothing and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
  • Lichen Extract – Bactericide & Fungicide; Soothing & Anti-Irritant Properties
  • Geranium Maculatum Oil – Anti-Inflammatory Agent
  • Citrus Bergamot Fruit Oil – Anti-Septic Properties

Soothe Plus Treatment reduces irritation and inflammation of the scalp and skin. This spray-on treatment provides a cooling and soothing effect. It is naturally preserved and perfume-free.

Soothe Plus Shampoo cleanses highly sensitive, irritated scalps and hair. Ideal as a body wash, it may also reduce soreness and tenderness of the skin. It is pH balanced and perfume-free.

Soothe Plus Conditioner is made to leave highly sensitive scalps and hair with the correct pH balance and in superb condition. It is perfume-free.

After Using Hair Color and Lighteners

Add water and gently massage and emulsify. Rinse thoroughly, shampoo, rinse, and towel blot the hair. Spray the hair and scalp with the Organic Care Systems Soothe Plus Treatment. Apply Organic Care Systems Conditioner directly over the treatment. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse. This will close the cuticle and return the hair and scalp back to a pH of 5.

After Perming

When you have finished neutralizing the hair, rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water and carefully towel dry. Apply Soothe Plus Treatment to the scalp and hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off. Apply Power Build Conditioner, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse.