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2013 Hair Color Trends – Flash Color Technique

2013 Hair Color Trend – Flash Color

Hair Color Trends for 2013Give yourself a raise in a FLASH. Time is money, Time wasted is money lost. This season our new trend for Organic Color Systems is FLASH COLOR. This express approach to coloring cuts down processing time and achieves “base bumps” quickly, allowing clients to come in and out in less than an hour.
FLASH color is created by working on natural level 6 or higher to achieve a few levels of lift and controlling warmth. This helps to blend the highlights and create fast results for a blended scalp color, alleviating the appearance of harshness between the natural new growth and highlighted color.

Here is the fun part! FLASH can be achieved in 10 minutes or less allowing you to get your clients in and out in a flash, allowing you to take your next client.

What to charge for FLASH color? Clients are paying for the “results,” not the service. Why charge them less money when you gave them their service with a bonus of time? This service is excellent for the client who wants those “roots,” as they often call it, blended. It is a way to alleviate the need to do so many foils and achieve a fresh look.

Here is a formula used for FLASH technique:
Natural level 7, client has many highlights throughout and there is ½ inch of new growth. The desired look is to blend the scalp color to look fresh next to the highlights.

-Formula- 11HS 1 oz, silver concentrate ¼ oz, LXAH ¼ oz, Hairmonics 40 volume left on for 2-3 min then rinse. Start in the back, nape area, apply color quickly to the new growth moving fast through the application. Once color is applied to the last section near the front go to the bowl as this color should be on 2 min maximum to “bump” up the base to create a softer blend from the natural base to the highlights. Color on back section on for 4 minutes maximum, 2 minutes on top section. Color does still need to be processed with a processing cap under heat. Shampoo immediately. FLASH youre finished, blowdry your client and out the door they love you. This service is great for in between foiling services to extend the life of their highlight.