Organic Color Systems

Professional Organic Hair ColorThe first range of long-lasting, permanent hair colors containing certified organic extracts and natural ingredients, which have been formulated to cover all grey hair. Finally, professional colorist can treat hair in a homeopathic approach without the harmful damage caused by ammonia. You can create infinite natural tones and exciting fashion colors. This ammonia-free hair color maintains the hair’s essential moisture and protein levels, so the hair is not damaged by the coloring process.

You can create any color imaginable with Organic Color Systems products; fiery reds, intense coppers, rich golds, auburn browns, frosty platinums and infinite natural tones. What is more, these are colors that are true to the color chart; colors that don’t fade; colors with unrivalled coverage even on resistant grey hair; colors with natural shine and gloss.

Licensed Salon Professionals can purchase Organic Color Systems online.

Organic Care Systems

Paraben and Sulfate Free Professional Organic Hair CareOrganic Care Systems is a range of shampoos, treatments and conditioners which use the latest natural and certified organic ingredients. The highly advanced formulations are effective on natural, colored or highlighted hair. It is the perfect partner to Organic Color Systems and Organic Curl Systems.

The Organic Care Systems range is capable of dealing with every hair type and is powerful enough to repair hair in a very short timeframe. As a stylist analyzing your clients’ hair, you will be aware of the different results which a wet stretch test can give (see the backwash for further information on the wet stretch test). No matter whether your client’s hair is low in protein, moisture or both, our products can return the hair back to a healthy state.

Licensed Salon Professionals can purchase Organic Color Systems online.

Organic Control Systems

Plastic Free Professional Organic StylingOrganic Control Systems is the first range of styling products which are completely plastic-free. Traditional plastic-based products produce bonds which are brittle, causing the style to lose shape. Plastic also causes the hair to feel crispy. The unique formula of naturally derived ingredients used in Organic Control Systems allows the hair to move, while maintaining the style you want. There is none of the crispy, crunchy feeling that you get with plastic-based styling products, which work by coating the hair with a plastic film. Plus, Organic Control Systems provides long-lasting hold.

Bonds made with traditional plastic-based products tend to be brittle and break under vigorous movement so the hair requires re-styling or touching-up to maintain a freshly styled look over the course of a day. Organic Control Systems offers a flexible hold, with superb curl retention, anti-frizz benefits, and a lustrous shine for a soft, natural look. The complete range is suitable for all hair types.

Licensed Salon Professionals can purchase Organic Control Systems online.

Organic Curl Systems

Ammonia and Thio Free Professional Organic PermOrganic Curl Systems is a revolutionary product, which is free from ammonia and thioglycolates. Enriched with plant amino acids, it works around the natural pH level of the hair, which is left undamaged by the process. The key trend in today’s perms is soft curls, full of volume and movement which is exactly what Organic Curl Systems accomplishes. It is a revolutionary perming, relaxing, and straightening product which contains Cysteamin HCL, an ingredient far gentler than chemical based perms. The neutraliser system contains plant amino acids, which soothe and condition the scalp. The hair is left with a natural feel and shine.

Organic Curl Systems works between pH 4.5 and 6.5, depending on how much activator is added and leaves the hair at its natural pH level, so it is undamaged by the perming process. Organic Curl Systems is suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair.

Licensed Salon Professionals can purchase Organic Curl Systems online.

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